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From a beginner to an advanced brass player you always have  to work on your chops. A constant dialogue with your abilities  means practicing and checking up on already developed  material. In order to progress it takes discipline. Building up  your embouchure and working on your technique should go  “hand in hand”. To teach efficiently and sustainably is my  goal! I will establish an individuel concept for you with the  emphasis on breathing, sound, intonation, phrasing, musical  performance and improvisation.   

Conducting, Coaching for large music groups

All ensembles from big band to wind ensemble consist of  humans that have to interact and bring music to life. The more  you can motivate and inspire your musicians the more fun  everybody will have. Selecting the right music and knowing  what “direction” you want to take while working with the  orchestra is fundamental to success. A well thought out  selection of music in conjunction with your ideas and creative  leadership will make your group sound and perform better. I  can show you how to form a well balanced ensemble out of  your group of musicians and how to transform your group into  a musically interactive and communicative band.  Online lessons You can also book me for online lessons. Feel free to contact me for more information.
Hans Heiner Bettinger